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Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair services at Olympia.Computer

Computer repair services can mean many things – but one thing never changes.  

When you need computer service, you want it done by a professional technician who knows how to diagnose the problem correctly and fix the problem right.  

Olympia.Computer professionals are trained and ready to serve you.

Emergency Computer Repair - weekends and evenings!

Computer problems don't always happen from 8 to 5 - so we are on call weekends and evenings to serve you.

Looking for computer repair places near you?  

Use our handy drop off at our office near I-5 - or give us a call and we come to you.  Remote repair service also available.

Experience to Do it Right!

Now you can get computer repair Olympia, computer repair Lacey, computer repair Tumwater and computer repair Shelton - all from the local company with 25 years experience.

Get the Right Computer Service for Your Computer Problem

Whatever kind of computer repair service you may need – Olympia.Computer can help.  Experienced techs provide an expert diagnosis and estimate - and top notch repairs to get your system running again.

Computer Service for both home and business computers in Lacey, Tumwater, Olympia, Shelton - and points in between.  

Steamboat Island Peninsula - you bet!

South Bay Road - just give us a call!

Cooper Point - Hawks Prairie - East Olympia - we will come to you.

Handy drop off for your computer at our office just off I-5 in downtown Olympia - or call for service at your site.  

Remote service available too.

Call now for an appointment and see why both business and home computer users throughout Thurston and Mason counties trust Olympia.Computer to repair their computers.

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Signs You Need Computer Service

Signs you need computer repair service by in Olympia wa


Are you having problems running multiple tasks on your computer? 

Devices running slower than you think they should? 

We can get that computer running its best - and keep it going for you.

Computer overheating?  Does the fan just keep on running?  This is a common problem and can have several causes - let us take a look and give you a free estimate for repair.

Liquid Spill Repairs - Let's face it, liguid and computers just don't mix.  But we can clean up that mess and get you back in business.  (Now move that coffee cup a little further away from the laptop  . . .)

  • Did lightning or a power surge damage your computer? 
  • Do you need hard drive repair 
  • Or perhaps you are looking for network repair or server repair.

Whatever the problem - call now and find out why so many happy clients trust their computer repairs to Olympia.Computer.


" So great knowing just one call gets a fast response and expert repairs.  Definitely recommend this fine computer company."  Sue F.

If you need computer repair in Olympia, we will help.  Call now to speak to a computer service adviser about computer repair in Lacey, computer repair in Tumwater or computer help in Shelton as well.  

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Computer Repair for Mac and PC

Computer repair for Mac and PC at  Olympia.Computer

Call today - just tell us "I am looking for computer repair near me" to get any of these computer repair  services from the experts at Olympia.Computer in Olympia:

  • PC Repair Services for Home or Business
  • Repairs for Mac, Apple products

• Desktop or Laptop Repair Services

• Networks and Servers Repairs

• Computer Repair Contracts

• Remote Computer Repair

• OnSite Computer Repairs and Onsite Computer Services 

• Laptop Repair Near Me

Virus removal and repair

• Data recovery – files and photos

• Computer software repair/upgrades

Certified technicians provide computer diagnosis and repair at your site.  Call or text for fast, courteous and affordable computer repair.

  • Desktop computer or a laptop.  
  • virus or spyware removal. 
  • software upgrade
  • data recovery
  • a good cleanup to speed up your slow computer.  

We see a lot of computer problems – but these are some of the most frequent computer repair services for our clients.  

• My computer won’t start.

• My computer is running so slow.

• My computer freezes up unexpectedly. 

• Programs like Windows won’t load.

• Fan runs all the time or computer overheats.

• I am losing files or pictures – my work has disappeared. 

• The computer makes strange clicking or grinding noises.

• I can’t get my email or connect to the internet.

• My whole computer system is down

Whatever your computer problem - for PC or Mac - give us a call for expert troubleshooting and  repair.

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Looking for Business Computer Repair?

Service for Business Computers by Olympia.Computer


Slow computers and outdated computer systems can slow down your business.  Let us help with computer repairs to get you running top speed again.

Our business computer specialist will visit your office to diagnose your computer problem on the spot. 

 With 25 years experience, we have seen a lot of computer repair problems.  You can count on us for any of your computer repairs, including:

  • New computer set up and data transfer
  • System cleanup
  • Windows Recovery
  • Operating system install, refresh, upgrade, and or repair
  • Power Supply diagnosis and repair
  • Virus Removal 
  • Data Recovery and repair
  • Data Migration
  • Memory, CPU, and GPU upgrades
  • Desktop motherboard replacement
  • Remote or onsite troubleshooting

Visit our Business Computer Page or call Now to talk with a business computer  professional.

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Looking for Home Computer Help?

House in hands - Get help with your home computer at  Olympia.Computer

Visit our Home Computer Services page to learn more.

Or call now and talk with a member of our residential computer repair team to get help with your home computer.  

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Hometown Service for Your Computer

Erik Johnson is Director of Technical Services at Olympia.Computer

Our Director of Technical Services got started right here in Olympia.  He has built successful businesses for computer repair in Olympia, Silicon Valley, California, and Tucson, Arizona.  

When you need computer repair in Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey or the surrounding area, call the Olympia computer repair company trusted to fix your computer right. 

Handy drop off sites near I-5 in downtown Olympia and just off Highway 101.

Mobile Computer Service - just call and we come to your site

Mobile computer repair or consultation.

"A computer repair shop that answers the phone evenings and weekends -- gotta love it! "   Karen S.

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