Learn what a managed service provider can do for your business

A managed service provider from Olympia Computer - like having your own I.T. specialist.

Managed service protects your business

Here’s a scary thought.  When you forget to monitor security programs, miss a data backup or fall behind installing patches for software programs you use every day, you risk losing your business to a computer failure.  Discover how a Managed Service Provider can help you protect your business from I.T. failure.

Each year your business relies more and more on technology.

  • for staying in touch with clients or vendors or fellow workers
  • networks for connecting workstations and printers or making it possible to work from home
  • servers to keep your data organized and available whenever you want it

Naturally it follows that the more we rely on technology the more we see places where technology can fail or be susceptible to a cyber attack.  Keeping all your tech components up to date and working right gets tougher and tougher.  And this is true especially for a small business with limited I.T. resources.

But here’s the good news. You don’t have to hire a full time I.T. person to protect your business.  A Managed Service I.T. Provider can take on the responsibility for some or all of your I.T. systems and save you time and money too.

A Managed Service Provider - like Olympia.Computer – will handle the monitoring and management of your I.T. systems for you.  

Talk to a Tech About Managed Service for Your Business

Don’t wait until something breaks.

In the early years of computers, businesses often treated their computers like furniture.  Use it until it fails and then replace it.

Today, even the smallest business runs on a highly complex I.T. system.  A failing workstation, server or network means downtime for your business.  

Keeping your business running right means you must prevent I.T. failures before they happen.  

Managed services that regularly monitor your system can help to cut down on that nonproductive down time.

Get the benefits of managed service for your business

We manage your technology so you can manage your business!

No great manager tries to be an expert in every aspect of his or her business.  Successful companies contract with an accountant to do the taxes or with an ad firm to handle advertising.  And well-managed companies outsource management of their computer systems too.

Make your business operate more efficiently

Problems with email delivery or a network connection to the printer can slow you down.  A breakdown in your financial applications or customer record system can be devastating.  

A managed service provider identifies potential problems and makes needed repairs – before those problems can cause the extensive down time that hurts productivity.  Required upgrades can be identified in advance and scheduled for off line hours when staff or production are least affected..

Have your own computer technician who knows your business

Computer repair companies typically send you whatever tech is available when you call.  Our managed service contracts don’t work that way.  With a managed service contract, you will have one knowledgeable tech to count on.

Get more than just computer repair

  • The technician assigned to your company understands your industry and where I.T. can help your business compete successfully.
  • Your technician gets to know your company, your people and the way your business operates. We expect them to be fully knowledgeable about your entire I.T. system and how it impacts each part of your business.  
  • In addition, you always have access to backup support as well – so any needed repairs or upgrades can be handled without delay.
  • Your technician will share information with you or your designated representative.  He will explain what is going on in terms you understand and obtain approval prior to any work outside the contract.  And he will be polite, professional and a pleasure to have around. (You don’t have to include them in office parties, though!)

Save money and increase control over operating costs

With a monthly managed service contract you set your monthly costs upfront – make budgeting a breeze!  And most businesses find a monthly MSP contract actually saves them money.   

Hiring an in-house I.T. professional can be expensive and may be more than your business needs.  

On the other hand, assigning I.T. duties to a current employee can be even more expensive.  While Bob in accounting may know how to reboot a computer, you risk losing productivity as he struggles to keep up with expanding I.T. needs. 

And you put your business at risk for missed maintenance or needed security patches when he gets too busy to handle his work and I.T. needs too.

Most businesses find they are better served in the long run by trusting their I.T. systems to a trained I.T. professional.

Get a managed service program designed for your business

When it comes to managed service, one size does not fit all.  So we work with you to design a management program that meets your needs and your budget.  You handle what you want to handle in-house, and we will take care of the rest.

Some of the tasks that our managed service technicians can handle for you include:  

  • 24 hour monitoring for all covered IT systems – including data backup
  • Installing and monitoring virus protection on desktops, laptops, servers
  • Insuring that the right network security patches are installed and working
  • Handling required maintenance on the appropriate schedule
  • Alerting you to aging or overloaded equipment 
  • Scheduling upgrades to keep your system functioning correctly
  • Routine repairs
  • Dealing directly on your behalf with vendors for any problems involving internet slowdowns and outages, phone systems, printers, and websites 

Enjoy enterprise level I.T. support and sleep better at night

With a professional managed service provider handling your I.T. systems, you can rest easy.  

A well managed computer network just runs better.  Our clients tell us again and again that they appreciate how much better their business runs for them.

Try managed service for 90 days and see for yourself!

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