Seeking Sustainability in All we do at Olympia Computer


Olympia Computer Green Initiatives

Olympia Computer encourages employees to live sustainably every day - at work and beyond.  We actively seek out ways our company can support local sustainability efforts.

Eyeglass Recycling with the Lions Club- Staff were given paid time off to work with local Lions clubs to collect, sort, clean and package used eyeglasses for reuse.   Olympia Computer maintains a collection site for Lions Club eyeglass collection.

Our Sustainability Policy

As a company, we will continually work to identify and implement ways to lessen or offset our environmental impact while still offering high quality service to our clients.  

We will involve all interested employees in setting annual goals for sustainability, track results, make the results known to all employees and celebrate successes.

 We Think Local First

Wherever possible, we think local first - identifying local options and local vendors for purchases. 

Sustainability Resources for Local Business

See these local businesses that have been recognized by  Thurston Green Business 

Green Goals for 2020

Olympia Computer has laid out the following sustainability goals for 2020:

1. Seeking out and engaging local professionals (accountant, insurance agent, realtor, lawyer) as we build a more localized team to support our company;

2. Continuing our employee ride sharing and telecommuting plans, finding additional ways to cut commuting miles where possible

3. Identifying ways we can cut service miles by grouping site visits, offering discounts on given days for outlying areas so techs travel to those outlying sites only one or two days per week, identifying more potential clients closer to our home office, and increasing numbers of clients served remotely

4. Finding additional outlets for recycling packaging materials and other recyclables

5. Identifying and replacing items used in our office or computer repair shop that contribute unnecessarily to the waste stream

6. Increasing the number of computers, phones and related items we accept for recycling and re-use

7. Reducing our use of single-use plastics

8. Opening an office in the downtown business core to encourage techs to walk to majority of our local clients, encourage use of transit, and lessen need for travel by local clients dropping off equipment.

9. Reducing electrical energy consumption

10. Increasing awareness of conservation opportunities with our staff, our clients and the general public

Save Money on Your Computer Energy Use

Computer usage accounts for a good chunk of business energy costs.  If you would like to learn how to cut those costs for your computer system and networked devices,  use our handy checklist or  talk to an Olympia Computer tech about a walk through audit of your system.  No charge and no obligation.  Just give us a call today.

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