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If you are facing hard drive failure, you likely need both hard drive repair and data recovery.  

Certainly, if you are facing hard drive failure, your data is the most important consideration.  

And we have the tools to get that data back for you. We can restore hard drive in Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey and Shelton.

But many data recovery providers will ask you to ship your hard drive - and then will return any restored data on a thumb drive or disk - and you still have a failed hard drive to deal with.

Hard disk data doesn't just magically disappear.  When data loss results from hard drive failure,  Continental Computer Services can diagnose the problem correctly, repair or replace damaged parts, and restore your data locally. No shipping. 

When we are done, you are back in business.

And isn't that what you really want? 

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Hard Drive Failure - What to Look For

Signs of Hard Drive Failure Continental Computer Services Olympia WA

 If your computer is making a clicking or grinding sound, it may well be the sound of your hard drive failing.

 Clicking, grinding and other unusual noises are typical indicators for hard drive failure - but other signs point to hard drive failure too.  

For example, you may have a drive that won't spin or the dreaded a blue screen.  

An external hard drive that won't mount or an error message indicating that the operating system could not be found also can signal hard drive failure.

If you suspect a hard drive failure, please take steps to protect your computer and your data.  

See suggested steps below - or call now to get a professional to walk you through the best way to protect your data.

Do You Need Hard Drive Repair or Hard Drive Replacement?

Some times hard drive problems can be solved with a hard drive repair.  But, truthfully - we more frequently recommend a hard drive replacement.

If your computer has suffered a head crash, liquid spill, power surge, or overheating sufficient to damage the disk drive,  it is likely beyond needing a simple repair.  Any significant drive damage requires a replacement hard drive to get your computer running right again.  

Our experienced computer repair techs will analyze your computer and give you an estimate for hard disk repair or replacement as needed.

Hard drive repair can be an option, but often is the more expensive option in the long run.  Let us take a look and  give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please note --  You can find companies and online websites that suggest DIY hard drive repairs.  Please  read the fine print because even those sites warn that trying to fix a damaged hard drive yourself can result in permanent data loss.

We have been fixing hard drive problems for 25 years.  Give us a call today.

What is a Hard Drive?

We replace failed hard drive Continental Computer Services Olympia

Data Memory

  Your computer’s hard drive is its data storage device. It stores the operating system and most other files used to run your computer. 

Hard Disk Names

The hard drive may also be called the hard disk drive or its abbreviation HDD. Other commonly used terms for a hard drive include C drive, fixed drive, and fixed disk drive. 

How Does a Hard Disk Work?

A hard drive works by storing data, even if your device is disconnected from its power source. 

Magnetic heads located on rotating disks or platters within the computer hard drive read and write your data to the drive – or your hard drive may be solid state, as in flash drives.

Hard Working - but not forever!

A computer hard drive is active whenever your computer is in use, With that much continual use, hard drive problems will occur. 

Give us a call at Continental Computer Services for professional hard drive troubleshooting.

We have been repairing computers and replacing hard drives for more than 25 years. 

Let’s get your computer working again!

Protect Your Hard Drive Data

Steps to take in hard drive failure - Tips from Continental Computer Services

 When you run into computer hard drive failure, your data is at risk.  Learn what you should - and should not - do  if you want to minimize risk and maximize the chances for data recovery.

(Spoiler Alert - if you want to protect your data, only a qualified expert should tackle your hard drive failure issues.)

  1. Turn off your computer and leave it off until you have talked to a data restoration professional.  While you may be tempted to turn it back on, or turn it on and off a few times  to see if the problem has gone away, please don't.  If you are indeed suffering through a hard drive failure, you will make the problem worse and may make hard drive recovery impossible.
  2. Do not use do-it-yourself recovery software or online data restoration programs.  DIY recovery gimmicks can actually do much more damage to your data.
  3. Do not take your device apart.  Period.  Just don't do it.  It can be dangerous to you and your data. 
  4. Do not use a "check disk" program.

So what you should do? 

 Turn off your computer, disconnect the device from the power supply and call a professional.  You are going to want a professional diagnosis, expert repairs and  safe restoration of your valuable data.  

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