Computer Power Problems in Olympia

Computer power cord problem

Is Your Computer Power Supply Failing?

Power problems on your computer can include a failing power supply, a faulty AC adapter, a bad power cord - or something as simple as forgetting to turn the machine on.

Check the power button typically found on the front of the desktop computer and on the top or side of your laptop.


Check the power switch on the back of the computer

Check the power switch on your power strip, surge protector, or UPS

Check for a loose or disconnected computer power cable connections.

 Signs of a failing computer power supply include a computer that locks up or fails on startup, rebooting at unexpected moments, overheating, hdd won't spin.

What Causes Power Supply Problems?

 Chief causes of PC power failure include equipment failure, an accident involving the computer or - in rare instances - even a direct hit by lightning.  Many power system issues also  result from brownouts or power surges - or are the result of static buildup from activities as simple as vacuuming a carpet.

For tips on preventing power supply problems during an electric storm, see our page on how to Prevent Lightning Damage  

Prevent Lightning Damage

Get Help with Power Supply Problems in Olympia, Tumwater, Shelton or Lacey

If you suspect your pc power supply has been damaged or you are experiencing computer power problems in Olympia, give us a call.  (We also solve computer power problems in Lacey and computer power problems in Tumwater too!)

We will arrange to look at your computer and give you an estimate to repair.

 We take care of your power supply problem, Olympia.

We can fix your power supply problem, Tumwater.

We are ready with help for your power supply problem Lacey.

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