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Emergency computer repairs from Olympia.Computer in Olympia WA

When you need home computer repairs or other home computer service, help is just a phone call away.  

Our home computer repair techs are specially trained to provide you friendly, fair and respectful home computer service.  

Your technician will explain what he is doing in English -- no "Geek" spoken here.

Call today and learn why we are proud to be the computer service company you can trust.  

"My tech was patient with the questions of this senior citizen and did a great job of troubleshooting the problem. Then he even showed me how to keep it from happening again. I will call them again for any computer issue." LS

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  • Emergency Computer Repair
  • Installation of new computer
  • Networking issues
  • Computer cleanup or routine maintenance

Don't Suffer with a Computer that Won't Run Right!

Don't suffer with a computer that won't run right.  Olympia.Computer can help.

Computer running slow?  Laptop fan running too long?  Trouble getting your computer to start?  Maybe your printer doesn't respond to your requests anymore.  Or are you getting odd pop up messages?

Computer problems can show up any time - for any computer user. Computer virus, broken part, newly installed programs that don't play nicely with each other -- all can cause you home computer problems.  

Don't Suffer with Computer Problems  Our trouble shooting tech will look at your computer problem and determine what needs to be done to fix that computer problem.  

Free Estimate  We will give you a free estimate for home computer services in Olympia.  

Great References  We are happy to provide references for all in home computer repair in Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater and Lacey.  

Handy Drop Off or We Come to You  Our Olympia office is close to I-5 if you want to drop off your computer.  Or if you prefer, we can come to you.

We Help with Computer Installation and Security

Olympia.Computer provides computer installation, data backup, password security.

Adding new computers, laptops, printers or other devices to your home?  Now you don't have to spend hours getting those new devices hooked up and on line. Just give us a call for a visit by a tech who can handle computer, router, and printer installation and networking for you. 

We can help you with computer installation and networking so that all your devices "talk" to each other. We install computer, set up your network, install and configure your router or modem, and make sure all your computers, tablets, laptops, printers and even your phone or television are working together.  Get all your questions answered too! 


Keep your computers private.  Computer security is a big concern today. Our techs will help you set - or reset - passwords and install security measures to make sure you are the only one seeing your computer.

Back up Important Data and Photos - Find out how to protect important documents and precious photos.  We can help.

Get Help Choosing a New Computer

Selecting the right computer can be overwhelming.  Get help from Olympia.Computer

Choosing a new computer can be so confusing. Now it is easy to get help.  We will help you determine which computer is right for your needs and then install that computer for you.  We can even purchase the computer for you and get it to your home - at no additional charge - when you use our installation services.

NOTE:  We do NOT sell computers and we do NOT represent any particular computer maker.  We will simply purchase the computer you choose  - saving you a trip to the store and the hassle of finding the correct machine.  Then we bring you the receipt for the purchase price. 

We do NOT add any markup to the computer price for this service.  Purchase and delivery is simply one of the services we provide as part of our premium computer installation service.

Great Gift Idea! Ask us to select and install a new computer for that special someone. Call to arrange.

Save Money with Monthly Maintenance for Your Computer

Find out how a monthly service contract from Olympia.Computer can save you money.

Are you doing regular maintenance on your computers?

 Monthly computer maintenance can help protect your computer from expensive breakdowns and irritating downtime.

But missed maintenance opens the door to hackers, malware and viruses.  

The result of poor computer maintenance or missed maintenance schedules can be a computer crash, data loss or even loss of your identity.

Don't Take Chances with Your Computer!

Let us remember the maintenance -   so you don't have to.   

Just Ask Us!

Remote Computer Service


  No time to have a computer tech come to your home?  

We can often take care of the problem remotely via your computer line - and you can watch us at work.  

With a  Remote Service Contract from Olympia.Computer, you will be served by a professional computer technician who knows your system.  

Your assigned technician will handle your computer needs and help you to keep your computer running right.

Ask about remote service for your home computer repair in Shelton, Lacey, Tumwater or Olympia.

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