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Local Data Recovery for PC and Mac

Local Data Recovery PC and Mac Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

Data recovery for 25 years.  

Data loss happens - but we have been recovering data files and photos for a quarter of a century.  Call us today for a diagnosis and estimate for any computer data recovery in Olympia

Olympia Data Recovery

You get "data recovery near me"!

Local Data Recovery Service - No need to ship your hard drive out of town.

Get computer data restore service throughout the South Sound

data recovery Olympia 

data recovery Shelton

data recovery Lacey

data recovery Tumwater.

Photo and Data Retrieval Service to Meet Your Needs

 Handy drop off near I-5.  Or we come to you.  Remote service is available too - no need to leave your home or office - no interruption for office staff.

Recovery of Data for Both PC and Apple Products 

Get Mac data recovery. 

Get data recovery for PC.

PC Data Recovery Specialists - Windows, Office 365, Android phone, servers

Apple iPhone and Mac data recovery - If you have lost data from Mac applications like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, call our Mac data recovery team for a diagnosis and estimate. 

Get Your Data Back

 Fully equipped  labs and effective information recovery engineers handle recovery of data for both home users and business.

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Data Recovery - All Systems

Mac Data Recovery PC Data Recovery Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

Mac Data Recovery

PC Data Recovery

We retrieve data.  We have successfully recovered deleted files from all kinds of operating systems

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista 
  • Windows 7
  • Office 365
  • Suite 302
  • Linux Red Hat
  • Linux Mandrake
  • Linux Suse
  • Linux Turbo
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux Ubunto
  • Novell Traditional
  • Novell NSS
  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Apple Mac OS9.x and higher
  • Solaris Sparc
  • Solaris Intel
  • Unix SCO open server
  • Unix BSD

We retrieve data from hard drives.  We retrieve data from hard disks.  We retrieve data from phones and laptops and external drives.  

Whether you want to get the photos back  on your phone or rescue data from that  hard drive crash at the office, we can help.
Contact us to get a free estimate to recover your lost data files. 

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Mac Data Recovery and More

Mac Data Recovery Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

Yes - we do Mac Data recovery.  See us for data recovery for Mac or other Apple products.

Ask us today about hard drive recovery, file recovery and photo recovery from




Cell Phone

Media Cards

External hard drive file recovery too

Now you can get back data from data storage media including CDs, DD, hard disk drives, pen drives, storage tapes, digital cards, RAID and other optical media. 

Need data recovery from dead hard drive?  We can help!  We restore files from hard drive, restore deleted files and fretrieve data from broken hard drive or hard disk.

Corrupted file recovery

Corrupted hard drive data recovery a specialty.

Need to restore external hard drive files or photos?  

Call for all external hard drive data recovery services.

Computer Data Recovery Olympia Trusts 

We rescue deleted data from most media - give us a call.

Looking for Mac Repair?  See our Apple Computer Repair page here.

For Fastest Recovery of Data, it Helps to Know What Caused Your Data Loss

What causes data loss Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

Olympia.Computer data  technicians recover data  lost from any cause.  Our data recovery specialists can salvage data even when it is not accessible using the ordinary operating system. 

For fast recovery of data, knowing what caused the data failure can help in recovering photos or files, so we will ask you if you know what caused your data loss.  

The cause of data loss can be as simple as spilled soda or as troubling as a virus infecting your computer.  Static electricity or power surges often cause data loss.  And of course data loss can occur through operator effor when we delete files, or accidentally reformat drives or disks.

Whatever the cause, you can be sure you are not alone.  Leading causes of data loss include:

  • Hardware Malfunction - Nearly half of all data loss (44%) is due to problems with the hardware
  • User Error accounts for about a third of data loss (32 %)
  • Software Corruption - 14 %
  • Computer Viruses - 7 % - though this percentage is growing
  • Natural Disasters - 3 %

Did you notice any of the following problems associated with your data loss?

  • I think I have a virus
  • I may have accidentally reformatted or deleted the data
  • The computer won’t boot
  • I can't access that drive
  • My application can't load data
  • My hard disk is making a clicking noise or won’t spin
  • I have nothing but a black screen
  • I spilled water or some other liquid on the computer
  • My data was subject to fire or intense heat
  • Someone dropped the device - or dropped something on it.

The Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery Process at Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

  1. Determine potential for recovery
  2. Provide price quote for your approval
  3. Recover data providing you with progress reports as we move forward
  4. Create new file lists and verify data for validity and integrity
  5. Provide restored data to you in format you specify

Please Note: 

Cost of recovery can be estimated  only after answering these questions:

  • How accessible is the data? 
  • Does the data loss involve a hard disk crash?  
  • Are file structures damaged?  
  • How do you want your data restored?

See why our clients say Olympia.Computer provides the best data recovery in the Olympia area.  Now we want to be your hard drive recovery company too!

Data Recovery for Windows

computer running windows Olympia.Computer Olympia Wa

Data recovery for Windows products 

File Recovery      Photo Recovery

We handle Windows data recovery for 

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows ME

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Windows 2003

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 10.

We handle file recovery and photo recovery  - all data recovery from Windows systems and data restore for Windows products.

No shipping - local data retrieval.  Handy drop off or we come to you!

Give us a call - let's get that data back!

Data Recovery with Hard Drive Recovery

Restore hard drive data Olympia.Computer in Olympia WA

Hard Drive Failure Can Result in Hard Disk Data Loss

Hard disk data doesn't just disappear - data gets lost when something goes wrong with your computer.  

At Olympia.Computer, our technicians start the hard drive recovery process by determining what that problem might be BEFORE we attempt to recover hard drive data for you.  

Then we follow a carefully laid out protocol for lost data restore to identify and isolate problems.  By isolating problems and correcting them in the right order, we are most likely to protect any available data and make recovery of hard drive data more likely. 

Symptoms of a hard drive data failure often include a clicking or grinding sound.  Other indications of hard drive failure include a drive that won't spin, a blue screen, an external hard drive that won't mount or the error message that no operating system was found.

Data Loss in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Shelton

We Recover Hard Drive Data Safely - Your specialists for computer data retrieval  and recovery of data in Olympia and surrounding area.

Don't Risk Losing Your Data - Call us First

Hard Drive Recovery - steps you can take

 If you suspect a hard drive failure, please take steps to protect your computer and your data until you can get professional hard drive recovery.

  • Turn off your computer and leave it off until you have talked to a data restoration professional.  While you may be tempted to turn it back on, or turn it on and off a few times  to see if the problem has gone away, please don't.  If you are indeed suffering through a hard drive failure, you will make the problem worse and may make hard drive recovery impossible.
  • Do not use do-it-yourself recovery software or online data restoration programs.  DIY recovery gimmicks can actually do much more damage to your data.
  • Do not take your device apart. Period.  Just don't do it.  It can be dangerous to you and your data. 
  • Do not use a "check disk" program.
  • What you should do? -  Disconnect the device from the power supply and call a professional for data recovery in Olympia..

We Do Hard Drive Data Recovery

We restore hard drive data from all sorts of media.  

File recovery, stored data recovery, corrupt data recovery - give us a call.

Server Failure Can Cause Data Loss

We recover server data.  

If you have lost data from a server or because of a server failure, call for a free estimate to restore your server data.

We handle server recovery for both Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

We recover server data from your file servers and application servers, from  web servers and virtual servers.

Specialized Recovery Service for Corrupted Data Files

High interpretation of data during a recovery process may result in corrupted files even after a successful information recovery.

In these cases we offer specialized recovery followup for corrupted files.   These specialized services are available for your email (Microsft Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook), for your exchange service (Exchange OST, Exchange EDB), and other programs like Microsoft Access, Excel, Word & PowerPoint), and Backup Recovery (MS Backup, ZIP).

Need Photo Recovery?

Photo Recovery no need to panic Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

We Recover Photos

In a panic about lost pictures from your phone or computer?  We do picture data recovery too.

In our increasingly visual world, those photos are important - so you will be glad to know you can get your pictures back.  

If you have accidentally deleted photos from your computer - or if your devices has stopped working and you cannot access your picture files, we may be able to help.  Our recovery technicians have been recovering lost data files for 25 years.

Call today to make an appointment  - our photo recovery experts work evenings and weekends too.

See More About Photo Recovery in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater or Shelton on our Photo Recovery Page

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