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Business who accept  credit cards are now required to certify that they meeet PCI compliance standards to manage cardholder data security.

The PCI requirements apply to businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Letting your business stay out of compliance with PCI standards puts you at risk of fines or legal actions.  Worse yet, the damage done to your company credibility by a data breach can put you out of business.

Depending on your particular business, you may be required to do some or all of the following to meet PCI requirements:

  • build and maintain a network that improves cardholder information security
  • control access to the data you collect from cardholders
  • test your system regularly
  • update your information security policy on a regular basis.

You Can Lose Your Ability to Use Credit Cards

If you have been notified by your bank or credit card processor that you must make your business PCI compliant, please don't delay.   You may not be allowed to process credit cards.  Banks will tell you they may pull credit card processing abilities if your business is not certified.  

Call now to learn how we can help you refine or reset your computer systems and data storage practices to be in compliance with PCI standards.

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Learn What PCI Data Looks Like


 PCI addresses two main types of data:

  • Sensitive Data - the information encoded on a credit card - should  never be stored.
  • Cardholder Information - the information  businesses often gather and store.  Cardholder info can include all personal information visible on a credit card -  account number, name of cardholder, PIN or service code, and expiration date.

To meet bank card cardholder information security requirements and credit card security standards, you will need to protect 

  • card readers
  • point of sale systems
  • hard copy or paper files
  • databases where you store or transmit payment system information
  • shopping carts
  • applications for payment
  • wired and wireless networks

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Don't Let a PCI Data Breach Put You Out of Business


A PCI data breach can put your business out of business.

Cardholder data breach makes the news every day now - and cardholders do not take data breach lightly.  The list of businesses that have closed or lost important clients because of mishandled data grows daily.

Customers Expect You to Safeguard Information

Your customers expect you to manage their data in safe and responsible ways.   

Any cardholder data breach, no matter how small, will lead to loss of trust.  And  customer trust  is the very heart of every business.

Can you afford to lose customers who no longer trust you?

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Make Your Cardholder Data Secure

Call in Olympia.Computer and professional computer technicians will 

set up a secure network for your business computers

develop controls for internet access points

create a cardholder information security policy to meet PCI requirements.

Make PCI Compliance Easier

Save on Setup, Management and Reporting!

We can help you identify ways to segment your data collection.  That means  fewer of your systems and PCs need to be part of your compliance assessmwnts - and that cuts down on staff time needed to set up or manage compliance.

Take the Mystery Out of PCI Requirements

Bring us your PCI questions - we will help you find answers.

 Take the jargon out of PCI compliance

Help you understand PCI compliance requirements

Help you determine the level of PCI compliance your bank is expecting for your size business.

Credit Card Data Compliance Support in Olympia

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Why should I bother making my busines PCI compliant?

Data loss is expensive.  

An IBM study suggests that a record breach can cost your company an average of $158 per record breached and the total cost to a company suffering a record breach averages $4 million.

Lack of compliance can result in fines and legal actions

Banks and credit card companies may impose fines or bring civil suits against businesses which fail to comply with the terms of their merchant/bank agreement.  If you do not certify your company you may not be allowed to use the credit cards to take payments.  

A cardholder information security breach can involve you in expensive and potentially damaging litigation. 

PCI compliance can help protect your business from data breach.


What is PCI Compliance? Is that the same as PCI DSS Compliance?

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry - the folks who control the major payment cards like Visa MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express.  

These providers have joined together to develop a PCI Data Security Standard or DSS.  They have published PCI DSS requirements for PCI DSS certification.

Are SSL Certificates the same as PCI Compliance?

SSL certificates are a great start, but if you are collecting or storing any sensitive credit card data, you will need more protection.

3 Steps to PCI Compliance


  1. Determine what "level" of compliance your business is required to  meet for each of the cards you accept. The level can vary from card to card so check each one carefully.  If in doubt, ask your credit card bank.
  2. Determine which self-assessment questionnaire is appropriate for your type of business and complete that PCI self-assessment questionnaire.
  3. If you have areas where your business falls short of full PCI compliance, give us a call.  

We can help bring your business up to standard card industry requirements. 


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