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Put your website to work for your business!

Lazy cat is like your website sleeping on the job.  Wake up your customers with Olympia.Computer.

Is your website sleeping on the job?  

A good website can be a hardworking business asset:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Providing good content to interest visitors
  • Making it easy  for visitors to find what they need
  • Helping potential clients contact you - even when you aren't open. 

If your business website isn't pulling its weight, give us a call.  

Get a free website review and find out how easy it is to put your website to work for your business.

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A great website doesn't have to be expensive


Great website.  Big results.  All at a small price.

With Olympia.Computer, you get a straightforward, hardworking website that really reflects your business.  

Don't pay for expensive website design you don't need.  Now you can get a top quality website perfect for your small to mid-size business - at a lower price.

Whether you need a brand new website or an update to an existing site, we can help.  

Learn how you can save money on a quality website design or better website content.  Call now!

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We handle content management for better page ranking


You want your web pages to show up on page 1 of searches.  And we know the best way to get on page 1 is with quality content, continually updated.

Search engines just love fresh new content.

Our content managers can keep your website performing well with new content posts on the schedule you specify.

A professional writer will work with you to create new content for your website and post regularly on your behalf.  

New website pages or posts  can bring you  better page ranking, more website visitors, and ultimately more customers.  And, hey - more customers is really what its all about, isn't it?

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Get a free website review!


Have a website now?  Want to make it work harder for you?

Call now to get a free website review.  

Find out if there are two or three things you can do to make your website better.  

We'll take a look at your website and you get a free website report.  No obligation, of course.

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Our website clients say the nicest things!


Joanie says:   I just want to thank you for the great job you did on my website . . . I'm very happy with the job you did.

Lindsey says - Thank you, Erik - the website is looking great!

Jordan says - We are really happy with our new site.  It's nice to have a website we can feel proud to show to  potential clients!

Website Development for Your Business

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Website Development and Online Marketing Can Boost Your Business


See what a better website and online marketing can do for your business

Saavy marketers know - If potential customers can’t find you, you don't exist. 

A great website and SEO (or search engine optimization) can make your business stand out from the crowd - and help to  bring a crowd to your door.

Get the online marketing tools you need


Your business website represents you - and can be your best salesman even while you sleep.  Make sure your website is mobile-optimized -- an every growing percentage of searches are done on mobile devices today.

SEO -- 

A great website is - well, GREAT! 

But if you want to rank higher in organic searches and keep your online advertising budget in line, search engine optimization (SEO) is your next important step. 


Search engines - and the public - love new content.  Fresh content posted every few days helps more people find your business online.  And we help you create and post that content on the schedule that works best for your business.

OnLine Marketing - It's Not One and Done!

Online marketing is sort of like exercising.  You know it's really important, but you may not always feel like doing it.

We understand that.  But just like exercise, online marketing works best when you do it often - and it hurts less if you do it on a regular basis!

All kidding aside, online marketing is not a one shot effort.  Your online marketing will have much, much more impact when done on a regular schedule.

But we know  - businesses find it hard to schedule online marketing  

  • It isn't easy to remember to do marketing when you are also  trying to manage business growth.  
  • In house employees already have a lot on their plate - it's hard to add marketing when you are knee deep in filling customer orders.

So who can do your online marketing for you?

  • Maybe you are not quite ready to hire a full time marketing employee in house.  
  • Or maybe you are ready to go for a more professionaul approach to online marketing.

That's where Olympia.Computer's online marketing team can help. Let's talk about using Website Management and SEO in Olympia to improve your business bottom line.  From website design and website development to ongoing search engine optimization - we've got you covered.

Give us a call today!

Better Content Management Boosts Online Rankings


What is content creation?

Your online content can take many forms:

  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • Linked In posts
  • Blog posts
  • Video 
  • Infographics
  • Free advertising posts to sites like Google My Business
  • Profile content on business and review sites like Google Business and Yelp
  • Query response or review responses for sites like Yelp, Nextdoor, Alignable
  • Website pages - new pages and updates

Our content creation team can handle any or all of these content forms for you.  Let us know what we can do for you.

Why should I be concerned about content?

Keyword rich content helps potential customers find you online.

  • Keyword relevant content posted regularly boosts your standing with search engines and that can improve page rank.
  • Better page rank means more people see your page - and even can lower advertising costs.
  • Good content can position your company as a local leader in your field.
  • Quality content attracts attention to your site.
  • Quality content brings visitors back to your website.

Low Quality Content Causes Problems

On the other hand, poorly written content or old, outdated content sends the wrong message to potential customers and search engines too.

Don't miss out on attracting new customers to your business.  Let our content professionals craft keyword rich content for you.  Give us a call!

Better content management can boost your business!

Business managers know - For both organic searches and online advertising, you want to see your business listed on page 1 of searches.  And regularly posting new, high quality content is the way to get to page 1 - or stay there. 

Better website content equals better page ranking.

Better page ranking equals more visitors.

More visitors equals more customers!

No Time for Content Management?

 If you want to improve customer acquisition (and who doesn't?) - we can't say enough about the importance of frequently posting high quality content.

But we hear you groaning.  You  say you are busy running a business and don't have time to manage the writing and posting of new content? 

Now Olympia.Computer will handle all content management for you.
Talk to a content specialist about how we can take care of any or all  content management tasks:

  • Providing high quality content for you  each month
  • Identification of new topics for pages or posts, based on your preferred keyword list.
  • Writing new content to keep your website and other online presence interesting to search engines and human visitors too.
  • Posting on a regular schedule to all agreed upon sites.
  • Monitoring review sites - Do you need to respond to a query or a review posted online?  We can let you know and draft a review for you.
  • Writing newsletter content - keep your potential customers thinking about your business!

Improve customer acquisition!

Become an authority in your field!

Boost your page rankings!

Talk to a professional content manager to learn what better content management can do for your business!

CALL NOW TO LEARN MORE!  You really will be glad you did.   

Search Engine Optimization


What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Basically, how well does your business show up online?

Many marketers talk about SEO only  in relation to a website.  But SEO can be much, much more than just good keywords on a website.

We provide SEO for your website PLUS other listings your business may have online.  

Your listings on Linked In, Google My Business, Yahoo, Yelp, NextDoor, Alignable, even Facebook and Twitter -  are all opportunities to boost your standing online with the better SEO.

Talk to an SEO expert now

An SEO Checklist for Business Marketing


  • Are you using the right keywords?  
  • Do your keywords appear in the right places in your website?
  • Have you optimized H1 and H2 headings, on page text, meta tags and meta titles, categories, alt texts, picture titles, page descriptions, headers and footers?


  • Are you writing about the right topics?  
  • Is your content interesting to real live visitors as well as search engines?  
  • Are your titles and headings the right length? 
  • What about word count?

Mobile Responsiveness

  • Is your page mobile responsive? (A mobile website is a critical part of any marketing plan these days.) 
  • Is your site using mobile-first indexing?

Is anything broken?  

With all the moving parts in your online marketing program, problems can occur. 

  • Do you monitor the loading speed of your pages?
  • Are your pictures loading correctly?
  • Should pictures be compressed?
  • Do you check often for broken links?

How well does your business show up online?

  • Have you submitted a sitemap?
  • Is your business listing uniform across all listings?
  • Do you appear on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google My business?
  • Is your website listed on all the major search engines and directories?
  • Are you using alternative content - like pictures and video - to boost your online image?
  • Do search engines know which version of your site to show visitors?

Is Local Marketing Optimized?

  • If your local market is important to you, have you optimized your website and other online outlets to help local visitors find you first?

Do you regularly monitor your sites and check your analytics?

  • Do you monitor page and domain authority  scores?
  • Do you track keyword ranking changes?
  • Do you know how your business ranks for your top 10  keywords?  

And if you find an SEO problem, what process do you have to correct it?

Best SEO is Continual SEO

Good SEO  means continual SEO.  But few business owners have the time to monitor all the facets of SEO on an ongoing basis.  And capable employees likely have their plates full of other important tasks too.  So who will do your SEO?

We can help with better SEO for your business.

We  will work with you to make sure your SEO works for you.  Whether you want a single SEO update or ongoing SEO management, let's talk about how affordable better SEO can be for your business.

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