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Windows Server Support for Business

Businesses today rely on servers to handle information flow.  

You may be using servers for email, to handle communications between offices, to generate the reports that guide your business, or for critical file backup or storage.  

Because these systems are so critical to your  business, we recommend professional server management.  

Server support or server management may include:

  • Server selection 
  • Server installation
  • Networking server to other devices
  • Windows server maintenance
  • Troubleshooting server problems
  • Windows server repair
  • Day to day evaluation and management of servers as  issues arise.
  • Server documentation 
  • Server backup

 Call the server team at Olympia.Computer for professional server support for all your servers:

  • mail server
  • file server
  • data base server
  • web server
  • network server 
  • exchange server 


What kind of server support do you need?

We have been supporting servers for business for 25 years - Call today for the server help you need!

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Troubleshooting Server Problems

We Help You Choose the Right Server for Your Business

 Server fail can mean expensive downtime for a business.  The wrong server can slow you down or even damage your bottom line. And trying to find the right server can be a daunting and time consuming task.

Do you want to purchase a server for a small business?  We can help!

You have a lot of options in small business computer servers.  And some will work better for your business than others.  We hear it all the time  - Choosing a small business server can be confusing!

But now you don't have to choose a small business server by yourself.  At Olympia.Computer, we do not sell servers - but we will help you identify the correct server for the task you want to accomplish.

Just tell us what you want to do and we will help select the right server for the job.

  • Do you want help with Windows Servers?
  • Do you want to share files?
  • Do you want to share devices like printers?
  • Do you want to improve file storage or security?
  • Are you looking for better email access?
  • Are you ready to migrate from troubled in-house servers to Office 365 online cloud applications?

We will help you answer important questions for server selection like:

  • Can my existing server be repaired?
  • Is my existing server still supported by the manufacturer?
  • Do I need a dedicated server?
  • How big should my server be?  
  • What is the best server for my need and my budget? 
  • Can I use an exsting computer as server?

Call now to get help choosing the right server for your business.

Get Server Support for OS or Active Directory Servers

 Whether you need new servers, upgraded server installations, or are looking for better day to day server support, the server support team at  Olympia.Computer can help.

 We support all Windows Servers including 

Microsoft Windows 2019

Microsoft Windows 2016

Microsoft Windows 2012 - Windows 2012 Foundation, Windows 2012 Standard, Windows 2012 Data Center and Windows 2012 Essentials 

Microsoft Windows 2008 Small Business Server

Microsoft Windows 2003.

If you are looking for experienced Windows server support in Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater or Shelton - call us now.

Get Server Support for Application Servers

SQL Servers

Does your business depend on databases?  Do you rely on MS Sql databases to provide the information you need?

When you need fast access to critical reports, slow queries or blocked access can cost you customers and profits.  

We support application servers including Microsoft Sql servers like Sql server 2017.  

Call now to talk with a server professional  and get your databases  working better for you.

Exhange Servers

Microsoft Exchange Server provides email, contact management, calendaring,  scheduling and options for collaboration. Available for the Windows operating system, Exchange Server is frequently used by small to mid-sized business.

We support Exchange Server 2016, Exchage Server 2013 and some older Exchange Servers.

Looking for help writing Sql queries or other sql programming? Visit our Sql page.

Get File Server Support

A file server is simply a computer or computer program responsible for storing and managing data files. 

 In most cases, other computers on the same network can access files stored on the server via the internet.

Many file servers also allow networked computer users to send files to the server for storage, using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Commonly used file servers include Microsoft 2016 File Server and Microsoft  2012 File Server.  If you need file server installation, or file server repair, we can help.

Olympia.Computer will help you find the right file server for your business needs - and keep your file server system running right.  

If you are looking for server data recovery services, please see our data recovery pages.

Call today to talk with a server professional.

About Servers

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What is a Computer Server?

Computer Server Technology


Computer Server Technology

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 Do I need a small business server, a large server, a computer tower server, an IT server? 

Trouble Shooting Computer Server Problems


 Server problems come in many forms.  So how do you know if it really is a server problem you see?
It could be a server problem if:

You experience slow computer response, unusual lag time in connecting or performing tasks, or a complete failure to connect.

Incoming requests are unable to  connect to your server 

You cannot find files you need

it has been a long time since you cleaned up your server

Email isn't working right

You can't access information in the right format - or maybe you need a new report

Connections frequently drop


Server crashed completely

Whatever the server fix you need, call now to talk with a  server professional.  Let's get your server running right! 

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