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Network Support for Today's Business

Businesses today run on networks. Profit and productivity go hand in hand with the ability to communicate with clients, between offices, from desk to desk and program to program.

Move your business ahead of the pack with fast and reliable computer network connections.

Wireless Setup

Wireless networking


All Wireless Connections for Home and Business

Olympia.Computer provides business class computer  network services and solutions for businesses in Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey and Shelton.

All the wireless support your business needs

Wireless network system design

Wireless network problem troubleshooting

Wireless network repair

Wireless net work set up and configuration

Call now to learn more about wired and wireless networking services to make your business run better.

Network Support When You Need It

Man checking watch. Cut downtime with better network support from Olympia.Computer in Olympia WA

We get it - downtime is expensive!

  When you are an Olympia.Computer business client, our computer network experts are available to you evenings and weekends as well as regular business hours.  

Schedule installation, upgrades or maintenance at times most convenient for you.  

Get help when you need it

Wired and wireless  network services

Wired and wireless network maintenance

Wired and wireless network repair

On call 24/7 emergency network repair 

Business Class Network Solutions

Man using tablet - learn about network solutions from Olympia.Computer in Olympia WA

Now you can get  IT network solutions designed for your business.

A good network requires a combination of hardware, software and experienced technicians who understand your business needs.

Olympia.Computer has been connecting business operations through networks for 25 years.  

Faster Connections

More Reliable

Better Security

Seamless Solutions

Performance, Performance, Performance

With clients ranging from home-based business to multi-national operations, we have the knowledge base and experience to design, install, manage and support your computer networks.

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Call now to get a free business walkthrough and talk with a networking professional about how better network support can help your business grow.

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We Fix Network Problems

Network Problems Solved Olympia.Computer Olympia WA

 Get full service computer and network support for any computer network problem:

  • windows 7 network connection  problems
  • computer network repair
  • network maintenance
  • wireless network configuration issues
  • internet network connection problems
  • network security issues

Whether you run on a local area network, wide area network, cabled or wireless, we can help.  

We have been fixing network problems for business clients for 25 years.

Call now to talk with our networking tech about your computer network problem.

Networking Help for Your Next Move

Olympia.Computer helps with office moves and computer networking setup


Planning an office move? 

 Call Olympia.Computer about moving your network and computers.

Getting a computer pro to handle tear down and re-install your equipment can save you money - and a lot of valuable time.

A smooth move means planning ahead for your computer networking.  Call us well before the move to help you plan computer relocation.  With 25 years of moving computers and networks from one site to another, we have the experience and know how to do it right.

Sure - you could just throw all your computer equipment in a box and then try to untangle the mess at your new site - but we recommend you give us a call instead.

If a home or business location move is in your future, call Olympia.Computer for help moving your network.

Find out more

Network Consultants Ready to Help Your Business Grow


 Olympia.Computer network consultants provide computer networking services for upgrades, additions, office moves or for your everyday business operations.

Network Design

Network Installation

Network Management

Network Repairs


We are proud to provide network management for clients in health care, food service, architectural design, law and heavy industry - and the list grows each week.  

Looking for Help with a Home Computer Network?

Continental Computer Services can help you network home computers and other devices.

Get Help With Your Home Computer Network

 When you need to add new computers and other devices at home, we can help you get them connected and working right.

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Routers

Want to Install Your Own Residential Computer Network?

Setting up a home network or residential computer network can be relatively simple if you have a bit of computer background.  

To get you started, we recommend that before you tackle setting up a home network, you will want to answer these questions. 

  •  Will you set up a wired or wireless network?
  • Which are you using - a home group or work group?
  • Are you running Windows Firewall?  If not, have you made sure firewalls allow file and printer sharing?
  • Do you know how to turn on network discovery to find existing networks nearby?
  • Will you password protect your network?

And if you run into a problem, give us a call.

See more about home computer support at our Home Computer Services Page.

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